The National Construction Academy provides life-changing opportunities for young people who have the ambition and drive to be successful in the Construction sector. With the demand for skilled labour growing year on year, our innovative concept of training delivery provides local and national employers with work-ready young people who have the desire to succeed in this thriving sector.

NCA was created by a partnership of 3aaa and Ian Hodgkinson and it has received great support from the sector. It also responds to the Government’s priorities of developing skills in the construction sector and to increase the numbers of Apprentices. NCA offers Traineeship and Apprenticeship opportunities that can change the lives of young people offering them an exciting and rewarding chance to build a successful career within the Construction industry and perhaps go on to establish their own successful Construction companies.

NCA’s innovative delivery method aims to bridge the gap between young people and the construction sector. By delivering both Traineeships and Apprenticeships, NCA gives young people the head start needed to get ahead in the world of work.