Building Dreams Through Competitions – A Press Release By Rock Fall

The National Construction Academy in Derby is now firmly in place. They have been training the next generation of skilled bricklayers and working closely with some of Derby’s leading construction companies.

An accessible and collaborative approach is enabling the organisation to inspire increasing numbers of Derby youngsters into a new career and creating great prospects for them.

A great way that they engage the learners is to run competitions whilst they are completing the work they need to do for their qualification. The National Construction Academy have partnered with Rock Fall, the Safety Footwear manufacturer who are based in Alfreton.

Rock Fall are a proud partner of the National Construction Academy, providing equipment and advice to ensures the apprentices are safe on site.

Rock Fall Competition Winner Zachary Walker

The most recent winner of the competition was Zachary Walker, who managed to get a massive 7000 impressions on his social media posts during the short time the competition took place.

Paul Wilson, Marketing Manager at Rock Fall said:

“We are proud to be associated with the National Construction Academy. Rock Fall are a second generation family business, with traditional family values. Sponsoring this award enables us to do our bit to support the next generation of skilled construction workers. We can see this marking the start of a long and prosperous partnership with the NCA.”