What does the future hold for tax avoidance in the ‘Cash in hand’ industry?

Tax avoidance in the UK means that the government could be losing out on billions of pounds in taxes from those who earn their wages through cash in hand jobs, but, what can be done to stop this?

The government is looking at the way laws work surrounding collecting payments for jobs such as: window cleaning, child-minding, gardening, freelance manual labour etc. Billions of pounds of extra tax revenues could be collected if payments for work such as this were made via government-accredited platforms. This would ensure that it could be correctly taxed.

Could it be possible that if laws were changed enough to stamp down on tax avoidance that a persons’ right to work would be linked to whether or not they are using an approved payment method? Would this be too harsh, or do you think it would be a credible method for monitoring and controlling taxation?

The issue is – paying someone cash is not illegal, but, the recipient should declare it for being taxed as income. However, many people in a job where cash is their predominant source of income would likely not be inclined to declare this.

In March this year, Chancellor Philip Hammond, released his spring statement which included many things, one in particular that is stirring some talk amongst small trades – the potential for large cash in hand payments to be banned. If this were to be implemented not only would this take away feelings of guilt from customers, it would also pull in an estimated £3.5 billion per year.

Other countries already have limits in place. France, Spain and Belgium have a limit of up to £13,000, and the UK is now looking at the possibility of following a similar system.

Another option discussed is that plumbers, builders and other tradesmen could be forced to issue receipts for all of their work. This would serve as a written record of a job being carried out.

So, what does the future hold?

In short, this is still a very hot topic, and one that will be a rough journey changing as much as the tide, but, whatever the outcome, the NCA will be diligent and ready for any change that comes.

Thomas Marples – Head of NCA said: ‘The construction industry has strong traditions in work being paid cash- in- hand. This is a topic that has much debate outside of the construction industry. The construction industry will continue to adapt and develop towards the challenges posed by policy changes.’

The National Construction Academy, part of 3aaa Apprenticeships, continues to work with employers across Derbyshire, providing them with enthusiastic, talented employees who are supported by high-quality training.

The National Construction Academy also work with local Levy paying construction firms, to utilise their levy funds through construction Apprentices.

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The construction industry rallies round to support former Carillion Apprentices

The CITB (Construction Industry Training Board) is encouraging employers to rally round and support former Carillion apprentices, who have been left without employment following the company’s liquidation.

They have worked closely with the ESFA (Education & Skills Funding Agency) to ensure funding is available so that it can continue to support the training for the 1400 Carillion apprentices.

The CITB are offering all of the former Carillion apprentices a face-to-face session with CITB Apprenticeships to find out their individual learning needs, allowing them to find an employer that best suits their skills and personalities.

The hotline phone number to call for both former Carillion apprentices and for construction employers who are interested in helping them, is 0344 994 4010 or email carillion.apprenticeshipsupport@citb.co.uk.

At NCA, we are looking to raise awareness of the situation and support these Apprentices as much as possible.

Thomas Marples, Head of NCA commented “This is clearly a very turbulent time in the construction industry and a very challenging early start to these apprentices’ careers. We would actively encourage any employers to offer their support to these apprentices who have found themselves made redundant through no fault of their own. We at NCA, have been in contact with CITB to offer our support for any apprentices within our region and we are available to offer to guidance for those app”

The National Construction Academy, part of 3aaa Apprenticeships, is working with employers across Derbyshire, providing them with enthusiastic, talented employees who are supported by high-quality training.

The National Construction Academy are also working with local Levy paying construction firms, to utilise their levy funds through construction Apprentices.

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The Construction Industry Training Board (CITB) hands in notice to the Construction Skills Certification Scheme (CSCS)

It has recently been announced that the CITB has handed in it’s notice to the CSCS, meaning that the CSCS have now begun the process of identifying a new service provider.

Over the past 20 years, the CITB has had a contract with the CSCS to provide card administration services, looking after customers and processing their applications etc. The CITB currently process more than 400,000 card applications annually and over 1,000,000 contact centre enquiries on behalf of the CSCS.

The CSCS is a not-for-profit organisation, owned by a consortium of industry trade associations and trades unions.

In what is a time of change for the construction industry, the CITB will continue to deliver their current service until a new supplier is found, within the three-and-a-half-year notice period that is required. To help them find a new provider, the CITB has appointed industry expert management consultants to help with the search.

Head of NCA, Thomas Marples commented:

The CSCS card has been incredibly important for the construction industry in maintaining high standards for health and safety on the worksite. This news is another stage in the CITB re-engineering itself for its future role in the construction industry. With all our trainees and apprentices being card holders, we eagerly await the next update regarding CSCS and its future service provision.”

The National Construction Academy, part of 3aaa Apprenticeships, is working with employers across Derbyshire, providing them with enthusiastic, talented employees who are supported by high-quality training.

The National Construction Academy are also working with local Levy paying construction firms, to utilise their levy funds through construction Apprentices.

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The Promising Future For Construction Training Board.

After the Government review of the CITB (Construction Industry Training Board) was released, it revealed that major changes needed to be made, after only 0.8% of Levy paying firms responded to the independent review on the future of the CITB.

After accepting the proposal to retain the training board, the Government announced the need for a greater representation of people with direct experience of smaller businesses in the Governance of the CITB.

The review also highlighted that there needs to be a drastic change to the way the CITB engages with organisations in the industry, emphasising a change in culture, from a ‘money in, money out’ to a ‘money in, skills out’ approach to training and development.

The Construction Industry Training Board are to also step up and take a lead role to respond to the Governments ambitions for housing.

Plans to reconstruct the CITB Council and National Committees will begin to take place early in 2018, working closely with employers, colleges and Government to provide consistently high-quality work placements for students taking the new T-Levels in construction.

The National Construction Academy, part of 3aaa Apprenticeships, is working with employers across Derbyshire, providing them with enthusiastic, talented employees who are supported by high-quality training.

The National Construction Academy are also working with local Levy paying construction firms, to utilise their levy funds through construction Apprentices.

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NCA celebrate prestigious awards with Apprentices and members of Staff

The National Construction Academy (NCA), part of the 3aaa Apprenticeships Group are delighted to celebrate a successful fortnight, with their hard work and impact on the community since they founded in 2016 being recognised by a host of different awards and accolades.

Firstly, NCA were triumphant at the East Midlands Property Dinner as they were awarded Apprentices and Training Scheme of the Year, beating some stiff competition in the process. This was an excellent accolade for NCA, commending the great work that they have done since they founded and recognises the outstanding opportunities that they offer to young people within the local area, giving them a route into a real-life career.

This success was then followed a day after at the Derbyshire East Midlands Chamber Awards night as NCA Apprentice, Zachary Beer was named Apprentice of the Year, after his excellent work and dedication throughout the year. The whole team at NCA are delighted with Zachary’s award as he has shown that he will go that extra mile to make his career a success. Zachary, who works for Hodgkinson Bricklaying Contractors was initially nominated by his employer after showing a number of stand-out qualities, both in the workplace and in the Academy.

Below is an image of Zachary at the Derbyshire East Midlands Chamber Awards.

The National Construction Academy

Zachary commented “I am absolutely delighted to win the Apprentice of the Year award and am proud that all of my hard work has been recognised. The teams at NCA and Hodgkinson Bricklaying Contractors offered me a great opportunity and have supported me throughout my Apprenticeship and I have grabbed this opportunity with both hands”.

NCA would also like to say a huge congratulations to our Apprentice, Zak Walker who has nominated for the Apprentice of the Year award at the Nottinghamshire East Midlands Chamber Awards night on Friday evening.

Zak narrowly missed out on winning the award but his nomination shows his excellent attitude and ability that he has shown throughout the year, inspiring his peers along the way.

Thomas Marples, Head of NCA commented on a successful time for the Apprenticeship provider “It has been an excellent couple of weeks for NCA and we are extremely proud of all our Apprentices, partners and members of staff. These awards and nominations recognise the impact that we have had on the local community so far, creating opportunities for people within the industry. We hope to go from strength to strength and continue to develop our talented people.”

Below is an image of some of the Staff and Apprentices at The National Construction Academy.

The National Construction Academy

The National Construction Academy, part of 3aaa Apprenticeships, provides life-changing opportunities for young people who have the ambition and drive to be successful in the Construction sector. With the demand for skilled labour growing year on year, our innovative concept of training delivery provides local and national employers with work-ready young people who have the desire to succeed in this thriving sector.

If you would like some more information on NCA programmes or to find out if an Apprenticeship is right for you or your business, please contact us today. Our industry experienced team is dedicated to giving you an excellent Apprenticeship experience and helping to build young people’s careers as well as talented workforces on a day to day basis. Contact us: 0330 124 2069 or apply@ncaapp.co.uk or visit https://nationalconstructionacademy.co.uk/

3aaa’s National Construction Academy has won an award

The National Construction Academy, part of the 3aaa Group, has won the ‘Skills and Apprenticeship Scheme of the Year’ at the 17th East Midlands property dinner.

The awards, hosted annually by the region’s leading business magazine, Insider and the East Midlands Property Dinner, presented the awards for ten categories selecting the best across a range of property disciplines. The East Midlands Property Dinner is regarded as the annual social event for the region’s property sector. The event is a night to celebrate and promote the very best of the East Midlands property sector.

The Skills and Apprenticeship Scheme of the Year award was one of the ten categories celebrated at the Insider East Midlands property dinner. The category recognises the best in training and development across the regions property market and 3aaa’s National Construction Academy are proud to announce their success in the category.

The National Construction Academy works closely with Ian Hodgkinson of Hodgkinson Builders, providing life-changing opportunities for young people who have the ambition and drive to become successful in the construction sector.

The National Construction Academy pulls from a wealth of knowledge and experience in the training industry, specifically Apprenticeships and work-based learning. They develop and tailor unique relationships with employers, training providers and Apprentices to ensure all of our Apprentices grow and develop to become a valuable member of a company’s workforce.

Winning this award cements the impact that 3aaa’s National Construction Academy and Hodgkinson brickwork contractors are having on the local construction community across the East Midlands, opening the door to those who wish to start a career in construction.

To find out more about starting your career in the construction sector contact us today at apply@ncaapp.co.uk

Will the Fee for Hiring Foreign Workers Encourage More Home-Grown Trades People?

A new initiative that is currently being finalised by the Home Office may mean that UK construction firms will be charged up to £6,000 in fees if they hire EU workers.

This is to encourage bosses to train more British workers and develop home-grown talent from within the business.

The National Construction Academy strongly support this initiative as it will not only strengthen the British economy post-Brexit, it will also ensure that we continue to lead the construction industry from the United Kingdom with home-grown, skilled professionals.

Thomas Marples, Head of the National Construction Academy adds his opinion to these proposed fees;

“This new proposal is exciting for the construction sector and the individuals that are looking to start a career within it. By encouraging more businesses to hire their workforce from within the UK, we can strengthen the economy and become industry-leading once again in this industry.”

This new Government-backed proposal would be payable in increments for time the employee is with the business. In the first year of hiring an EU worker, the employer would pay a £1,000 fee, which doubles to £2,000 in year two and increases again to £3,000 in year three.

Based on a three-year project, hiring an EU worker as opposed to a British one would cost the business an additional £6,000 per worker!

Many employers may argue this may act as an additional block in the already-damaging that exists, however this shouldn’t be the case. With the increased availability of training programmes allowing firms to self-nurture talent, the construction industry couldn’t be in a stronger position to get out of the skills gap it faces.

We believe that by offering development opportunities to individuals looking to start their career in the industry, we can make construction the attractive career option it used to be.

CITB agree to sell Cskills to National Open College Network (NOCN)


In the loom of a potential skills gap immerging in the construction sector, the CITB have agreed to sell Cskills, the second largest awarding body in the industry, to the National Open College Network (NOCN).


Cskills has been an operating division of CITB and will transfer overnight on 1st August to NOCN, encouraging growth of construction-related training provisions across the nation.


This sale is set to change the Apprenticeship delivery for over 4,000 learners and will significantly impact how construction-related courses are accredited.


Graham Hasting-Evans, Managing Director of NOCN commented;

“As someone who started out as an Apprentice first time around and who has worked in the building and construction sector for many years, I find this new opportunity very exciting. I am looking forward to working with Cskills’ personnel to incorporate their product expertise and their technological distinctiveness to NOCN.”


This is the first time in the CITB’s history to release control of any area of the three-tier delivery model.


The first tier is where the National Construction Academy work. We deliver high-quality training in construction-related job roles to bridge the skills gaps that exist throughout the industry.


The second tier is the awarding bodies who provide qualifications such as Cskills and City and Guilds. They are responsible for the development of industry-relevant qualifications and ensuring that the qualifications are delivered effectively.


The third and final tier is the development of new Apprenticeships, which is the likes of the Federation of Master Builders, who bring together groups of industry-leading employers to develop courses that are beneficial for both Apprentices and their employers.


This change in structure will have a positive impact on The National Construction Academy as it will encourage an increase the competitiveness of training providers, which will ultimately lead to an increase in quality of Apprenticeship training in the ever-evolving construction sector.

The National Construction Academy Have Been Shortlisted For Midlands Residential Property Awards

We are delighted to announce that the National Construction Academy have been shortlisted to win the Skills and Training Scheme of the Year award for this the 2017 Insider Residential Property Awards. In the Skills and Training Scheme of the Year award, there were only 3 schemes to be shortlisted, the National Construction Academy are the only finalist that are an Apprenticeship training provider.


Thomas Marples, Head of the National Construction Academy commented on this achievement;

“We are very pleased to be shortlisted for this prestigious award, winning would show the country how our foundations from one of the country’s largest professional services’ Apprenticeship providers has put the National Construction Academy in good stead to become the go-to skills development organisation. We are looking forward to finding out the final result in June!”


The winner will be announced on Thursday 8th June 2017 at a gala dinner at Hilton Birmingham Metropole. This will be a black-tie event, that will be attended by over 300 leading figures from the Midlands’ property sector.


Ian Griffin, Midlands Business Insider business editor, said;

“The quality and breadth of entries this year has been fantastic. We’ve had submissions from some of the region’s biggest and smallest property businesses. The judges will certainly have a tough time deciding who takes home the prizes.”


This accolade would recognise the meticulous work that the National Construction academy have done in the Midlands since launching in October 2016 and strengthen our position in the region, as we look to expand across England to provide the same high-quality training that allows the construction industry to build a skilled workforce.


If your business would like to find out more on how the National Construction Academy can provide your business with a skilled, site ready workforce, contact your local Recruitment Executive now!

T: 0330 1242 069 or E: employ@ncaapp.co.uk.

CBI has set up a group of young professionals to help shape the future of the industry

To help reform the construction industry, the CBI has set up a group of young professionals who will use their unique ‘view from within the industry’ to help shape the future of the industry and provide further opportunities for those looking to start careers.


The CBI commented on their announcement;


“While Government has a role to play in helping to ensure the industry is ready to make the most of these opportunities, we know that most of the innovative thinking as to how we can meet these challenges will come from the expertise within construction firms.”


The members of this newly formed group comprise of representatives from all sides of construction, from designers to subcontractors, and will report to CBI’s construction council of Chief Executives. The National Construction Academy fully support this innovative move for the industry. We currently operate in the East Midlands and are planning to expand throughout England.


The wider Apprenticeship industry is also being reformed in parallel. New Apprenticeships are being developed by employers and industry bodies, to ensure the Apprenticeship gives the learner the relevant skills they need to be an asset to the business they work for. Our construction industry Apprenticeships provide your workers with the vital skill sets they need to be a valuable asset to your company.


Thomas Marples, Head of the National Construction Academy also commented on the announcement;


“This is an exciting concept in the construction industry to try and support it to adapt for the 21st century. Having a new blend of minds to add valuable input can only benefit the industry and position it better for the years to come.”


If your business has skills gaps that need to be filled for it to grow, contact The National Construction Academy today to find out how we can help you recruit your future talent.