CBI has set up a group of young professionals to help shape the future of the industry

To help reform the construction industry, the CBI has set up a group of young professionals who will use their unique ‘view from within the industry’ to help shape the future of the industry and provide further opportunities for those looking to start careers.


The CBI commented on their announcement;


“While Government has a role to play in helping to ensure the industry is ready to make the most of these opportunities, we know that most of the innovative thinking as to how we can meet these challenges will come from the expertise within construction firms.”


The members of this newly formed group comprise of representatives from all sides of construction, from designers to subcontractors, and will report to CBI’s construction council of Chief Executives. The National Construction Academy fully support this innovative move for the industry. We currently operate in the East Midlands and are planning to expand throughout England.


The wider Apprenticeship industry is also being reformed in parallel. New Apprenticeships are being developed by employers and industry bodies, to ensure the Apprenticeship gives the learner the relevant skills they need to be an asset to the business they work for. Our construction industry Apprenticeships provide your workers with the vital skill sets they need to be a valuable asset to your company.


Thomas Marples, Head of the National Construction Academy also commented on the announcement;


“This is an exciting concept in the construction industry to try and support it to adapt for the 21st century. Having a new blend of minds to add valuable input can only benefit the industry and position it better for the years to come.”


If your business has skills gaps that need to be filled for it to grow, contact The National Construction Academy today to find out how we can help you recruit your future talent.