Construction Trailblazers Coming Soon!

The Department of Education has approved a plan by Construction Industry Training Board (CITB) to support the development of the Construction Industry’s Apprenticeship Standards to ensure that all Apprenticeships are in line with the industry’s skills needs.

Apprenticeship Standards, launched as part of Apprenticeship reforms, offer employers and candidates a new approach to Apprenticeship delivery that is designed to be more specialised to job roles. The training programmes are intended to meet the industry requirements much closer and to ensure that Apprentices are further prepared and equipped with the relevant skills in their chosen career path.

The announcement incorporates CITB into the development of Standards for the construction industry and utilises its members in the development of Standards towards their particular trade.

The National Construction Academy support the development of the new Standards to further ensure the offering that providers give to their Apprentices and Employers is optimised fully to the job roles required by the Employers we work with and the career goals of our Apprentices.

Thomas Marples, Head of National Construction Academy said, ‘We are excited to see the development of Apprenticeship Standards in construction and look forward to being able to release our first Construction Trailblazer Apprenticeship. We are continuously working towards providing the employers we work with Apprentices that will help structure their future and provide young people with the opportunity to build their dream career ’

The National Construction Academy was launched earlier this year by its president, Nick Knowles. Our aim is to provide the link for young people looking to get into construction and for employers who have skills gaps that young people could become future experts in.

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