NCA offers Traineeships and Apprenticeships for young people and employers in the construction sector.

The NCA Traineeship offers you extensive support and training to achieve your CSCS card and to help you understand the practical skills and knowledge required to be a valuable and safe member of a worksite. Your Traineeship will last for a period of 12 weeks and includes 6 weeks of training and 6 weeks of work experience with an employer. You will then be equipped to enter onto an apprenticeship program with that employer.

The NCA Apprenticeship enables you to further your knowledge and enter employment within the construction industry. You will learn more advanced techniques to become a competent construction worker.


If you do not have a CSCS card and/or the required experience or qualifications for the Apprenticeship, we can offer a place on our Traineeship. Not only does our Traineeship give you the support and guidance to meet the entry requirements for the Apprenticeship, but it also gives you a fantastic opportunity to impress an employer and earn a role as an Apprentice.

Key Details:

  • Support and training towards achieving a CSCS card including costs for application and at least one test
  • Excellent training programme set out by our employers to make you job ready
  • Employability training to ensure you are ready for work
  • Short course length- 12 weeks (less than a full year course)
  • This course is UNPAID but is designed to prepare you and give you an opportunity to earn a paid Apprenticeship


An Apprenticeship with NCA is an excellent way to enter the construction trade as a young person. Through the NCA Level 2 Apprenticeship in Trowel Trades, you will learn the skills needed to become a qualified bricklayer.

Key Details:

  • Length– 12 Months
  • Study type– Day release
  • Pay– From April 18th 2018 Minimum wage will be £3.70 per hour
  • Qualification– Level 2 Apprenticeship in Trowel Trades