Will the Fee for Hiring Foreign Workers Encourage More Home-Grown Trades People?

A new initiative that is currently being finalised by the Home Office may mean that UK construction firms will be charged up to £6,000 in fees if they hire EU workers.

This is to encourage bosses to train more British workers and develop home-grown talent from within the business.

The National Construction Academy strongly support this initiative as it will not only strengthen the British economy post-Brexit, it will also ensure that we continue to lead the construction industry from the United Kingdom with home-grown, skilled professionals.

Thomas Marples, Head of the National Construction Academy adds his opinion to these proposed fees;

“This new proposal is exciting for the construction sector and the individuals that are looking to start a career within it. By encouraging more businesses to hire their workforce from within the UK, we can strengthen the economy and become industry-leading once again in this industry.”

This new Government-backed proposal would be payable in increments for time the employee is with the business. In the first year of hiring an EU worker, the employer would pay a £1,000 fee, which doubles to £2,000 in year two and increases again to £3,000 in year three.

Based on a three-year project, hiring an EU worker as opposed to a British one would cost the business an additional £6,000 per worker!

Many employers may argue this may act as an additional block in the already-damaging that exists, however this shouldn’t be the case. With the increased availability of training programmes allowing firms to self-nurture talent, the construction industry couldn’t be in a stronger position to get out of the skills gap it faces.

We believe that by offering development opportunities to individuals looking to start their career in the industry, we can make construction the attractive career option it used to be.