Why Did Willowstone Developments Hire an Apprentice?

Willowstone Developments hired Zac Walker as a National Construction Academy Apprentice in December 2016, being one of the first in the country to benefit from our expert recruitment service, screening process and outstanding training and assessment.

We caught up with Alison Eley, Director of Willowstone Developments to discuss her opinions on recruiting an Apprentice.

Employers have many reasons why they might hire an Apprentice, Willowstone’s reason was that ‘the business has seen a sharp growth in the past 12 months, which has inherently meant that we required a larger team to support the projects. We often get calls from youngsters looking to get work experience so thought that hiring an Apprentice would be the ideal way to support the business and the individuals we employ to grow from within our business.”

There is a worrying number of young people coming into the construction trade, which is worrying not only for the construction companies who need their next generation of workers to be developing now to take the lead in the future but this is also worrying for the economy as a whole, as there will come a point where there isn’t the workforce needed to keep up with the demand for housing and industrial developments, which Willowstone commented on;

“We don’t believe there is enough youngsters entering the workforce, particularly if the Industry is to meet the requirements for house building set out by the Government. Historically the construction industry had been a go-to trade for young people but now, in our experience, white-collar options appear to be more popular.”

We pride ourselves on the service we offer to employers. It makes the recruitment process straightforward and stress-free. This is again, something that Willowstone reiterated;

“The National Construction Academy approached us at the time we were making the decision to hire and they made it very easy for us to find and hire Zac. They were fundamental in guiding us through the process, both on and off site and made Zac’s induction to the business very easy. Hiring a National Construction Academy Apprentice has been a very cost-effective way of bringing a new starter into the business and developing them within our business. As well as the skills Zac learns on site with us, it is enhanced through the certified training, both knowledge and practical, that he is receiving through the academy. Zac’s commitment to learning is also reflected in his attitude and commitment to work. He is always keen to try new things and always gives 100%, which is the true reward for any business”

One key thing that businesses often say when talking about hiring Apprentice is that the young person not be competent for the job. Alison was keen to comment on this;

“Initially we weren’t sure if an Apprentice with little or no experience in the industry would fulfil our requirement and be able to work alone as well as under his mentor. However, Zac has certainly defeated these qualms. He has settled in quickly and become a reliable member of the team.

If your business would like to find out more about how an Apprentice could bridge the skills gap in your workforce, contact the National Construction Academy today.