Zac Walker – My Journey as a National Construction Academy Apprentice

Zac Walker, a National Construction Academy Trowel Trades Apprentice working at Willowstone Developments has given us some fantastic feedback about his journey so far as an Apprentice.

He started his Apprenticeship journey in December 2016, commenting that “It was really easy to apply to the National Construction Academy. The team made the application process simple, quick and smooth.” and that the initial meeting at Derby’s National Construction Academy was ‘really good, I got to meet all the staff and students too and everyone was really helpful.”

Once he had attended the initial meeting and was accepted into the National Construction Academies applicant pool, Zac was then matched with a local employer that would be able to teach him the skills he would need for a successful Trowel Trades career;

“The National Construction Academy secured my position with an employer in my local area, which was great as it eased me into the workplace and helped me settle in really quickly. My employer lets me have a shot at loads of new things, which has really helped build my confidence.”

Since securing his job with Willowstone, Zac has since spent a lot of time on-the-job, learning from those with years of experience in his profession, whilst also reaping the benefits of additional academy training, ensuring that he is not only compliant on-site, but is competent at the correct bricklaying techniques and has transferable skills in English and Maths too.

Zac is confident that his Trowel Trade Apprenticeship was a great decision for his career;

“I would highly recommend the National Construction Academy to anybody looking to start a career in Bricklaying as my experience with them has been great. I’ve learnt so much over a short period of time and feel like I’ve progressed a lot too.”

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